Star is one of Steele's sled racing dogs he thinks of Balto as one of his friends and he secretly hates Steele because Steele treats them like crap. Althogth Star is impeckaly smart and caring and he cares about geting the medicen back to Nome in time to save all the children(Steele thinks otherwise) During the Film Star starts out by calling balto mean names Along with


Steele Kaltag and Nikki contany hit him in the head because he can act crazy at points. thougth when balto finds the team stranded Star stands up to Steele and tell him that all that Balto wants to do is help and when Steele fell off the Cliff he let Balto lead the team back to Town. on there way there when they enter a cave Star goes up to a icecycle that makes him look like ET. When Balto and Jenna looked at everyone around them after they hug. Star says to kaltag and Nikki and tells them that they should make a statue of Balto and Star flinched because he

Nikki,Star,and Kaltag

thinks that Kaltag was going to hit him But he did not he just agreed.

Seen in-Balto

Voice Actor-Robbie Rist