Aleu is the


daughter of Balto and Jenna, and has always seen herself as a husky not a wolf. She enjoyed howling by showing she was excited. She refers Balto as Papa and Jenna as Mom. She has a thing about correcting bad grammer.

During Balto 2: Wolf Quest, she had always woundered why all her siblings had homes and not her. Balto had to tell her that why her siblings had homes was because she looks like a wolf and they don't.

So she runs off and meets her spirit guide, Muru, who tells her to go on a quest to find out who she is. On the way, she runs into her dad and he goes along with her on her quest then they stumble upon a wolf pack and they meet a grey wolf named Nava, 

Aleu's Spirtal Guide Muru

who says that Aniu, the white wolf, had sent Balto and Aleu to them.

Aleu learns that Balto was not the one who was wolf and does not know it but it is her. Balto finally understand why she went on her quest and he lets her go and lead the rest of the wolf pack.


Aleu telling Balto to tell Jenna that she finally found her home

At the end, Balto hears her howl and he starts thinking about her childhood as flashbacks apper, then after she is long gone, he hops off talking to Nava and she will somehow go back to her father someday.

Appers in: Balto 2 Wolf Quest

Voice Actor- Lacey Chabert